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Think tanks in Korea are predominately run by the government or private companies. There is a clear need for an independent civilian think tank that is free of government and corporate influence. The Hope Institute is an open think tank that suggests practical alternatives for Korean society. The Hope Institute wants to provide specific, practical, and insightful policies that reflect diverse societal need, acting as a driving force in gathering small ideas from civilians in order introduce a better system through changing the old conditions.

Main Projects

1. Idea Project
- A small idea can change the world.
Interesting suggestions and ideas can be shared with The Hope Institute through the Internet. The Hope Institute will then adjust, supplement, and combine these ideas in order to make them more concrete and attainable. The Hope Institute awards those who provide good ideas and transmits the completed work to pertinent institutions in order to bring about real change.

2. Roots Project
-My local community can be center for the world.
The Hope Institute carries out general consultation projects to aid regional governments in developing their abilities. It examines regional studies and aids local governments in actively addressing pending problems in local society. The Hope Institute works to continuously develop the local community and suggests pathways to reaching desirable local community models.

3. Suggesting Alternatives
-Act to nourish and develop civil society.
The role of civil organizations is expanding in each social area. Grassroots activities by citizens are changing society. The Hope Institute researches, studies, and actualizes projects to support civil organizations, to promote the level of consciousness of citizens, and aid in the maturation process of civil society. The Hope Institute aims to be a center of alternative civil society through analysis of other countries' civil societies.

4. Suggesting Future Strategies
-Growing Korean Society and providing hope for the future.
The Hope Institute engages in in-depth research projects in diverse areas, such as politics, economy, national defense, education, environment, gender, and culture. The Hope Institute wants to illuminate the future path for this society through a careful diagnosis of problems and an informed discourse on possible workable alternatives.

5. Storage of Wisdom Project
-Networking knowledge all over the world.
The Hope Institute wants to be an initial actor of social development and build a database of information and knowledge spanning the globe.

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