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The Beautiful Foundation is pursuing a vision of a world filled with affluent beauty, where extremes of wealth and poverty are eliminated. When material wealth is accumulated to excess it has negative effects, almost like a sort of sickness. Conversely, those suffering in dire poverty find it difficult to reach their full potential.

The Korean name for The Beautiful Foundation is Areumdaun Jaedan. Areum means the amount that we can embrace in our arms, such as a big tree. When you add Daun, you arrive at the proper amount of richness or affluence for one person. Areumdaun also embodies the realization that others have the same value as us. Jaedan means Foundation. When you put it all together, you have The Beautiful Foundation.

The true meaning of the idea that others have the same value as ourselves can only be understood by treating others as we would treat ourselves. This is true beauty. When we consider our neighborhoods and the world that we live in as being in us, as part of who we are, this beauty turns into love. The combination of this love with a generous mindset leads to sharing with others. This is the spirit of The Beautiful Foundation.

The Beautiful Foundation will aid in the creation of a more affluent world. It is clear that individuals cannot simply focus on accumulation of their own wealth, engaging in unfair and corrupt practices in order to enhance their own affluence, while leaving others within the grasp of crushing poverty, Conflict and a multitude of social ills are the result of this course of action.

The Beautiful Foundation aims at a just and affluent society. A society with unequal affluence is unjust. A justly affluent society must consist of honest, devoted, diligent, and caring individuals providing aid and assistance to the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, and those who fall through the cracks.

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